The Gloom In The Corner – Violence (New Music)

By now you’ll likely know about The Gloom In The Corner and their story-driven music.  The Melbourne band are full of life – in the darkest way possible – whether absorbed via stage or by ears alone. Their 2019 EP Flesh & Bones saw them deeply explore characters of their lore and their driving motivations, while simultaneously landing brutal sonic soundscapes.

Well they’re back! Not only do the four piece of Mikey Arthur (vocals), Matt Stevens (guitar), Nic Haberle (drums), and Paul Musolino (bass) have a new single, but The Gloom In The Corner are the first signing to Collision Course in their role as a record label.  With this new chapter for the band, it makes sense to go to the core of their story to date, and this happens to be Gloom.

As well as being in their bandname, we’ve already learned that ‘Gloom’ is what the band’s lore refers to as a supernatural disease.  Gloom takes over a person who is made vulnerable due to their own mental or emotional weaknesses.  It’s a complex story to date, with many twists and turns, but Gloom has been shown to have the power to influence people to remorselessly commit unspeakable acts, and lose grip on their identity.  What’s shared in “D.I.M.A.” on Flesh & Bones is an example of this in action.

“Psychopathic apathy takes control of everything”

So with new single “Violence”, the spotlight is upon Gloom specifically.  Courtesy of chaotic and electric energy, the track has the listener immersed in a drenching of static that reflects the consumption that happens via Gloom.  Oppressive and sinking, infectious riffs embrace the lost soul who’s suicidal and faithless. With nothing to lose and no connection to anything (ie. the catchcry of “God abandoned me” that’s peppered through the band’s music), perhaps doing the bidding of darkness is a makeshift ‘home’ or purpose, hmm?

“Violence” shifts from delectable forward-propelling groove to punishing and chaotic walls of sound.  An impressive theme song for the soulless, the chaos soon makes way for a surprise synth segue.  But it’s not long before the rain of Gloom is felt/heard again in a cacophonous breakdown.

Once you’ve dusted yourself off after listening to this one, you’ll realise it’s The Gloom In The Corner at their finest. Full of energy and determination, with larger than life instrumental tones, it’s easy to get swept up in this.  Even at just over two minutes duration, “Violence” sets the Melbourne band up as having far more up their sleeve than expected.  (Petition to see them hit stages with Loathe and Lotus Eater!)

“Violence”‘s cover art reveals part one of three, where a Last Supper style of gathering is gradually presented in a mural (“Violence” was fittingly released on Maundy Thursday).  There’s clearly a lot more to be experienced here, and I’m keen to see and hear it unfold.  Watch “Violence” below via YouTube, or hear it via your favourite streaming places.


Kel Burch

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