The Flatliners – Indoors (Track Of The Day, 4th August)

Our Track Of The Day comes from Toronto rockers The Flatliners.

Their track “Indoors” was featured on triplej’s Short.Fast.Loud. on Wednesday and my ears perked up. There was something very cool and kind of road-trip rock about this song. What was the name of it and who was it!?

It was “Indoors”, from The Flatliners’ album Inviting Light, which was released on April 4th.

What’s not to love about its warm and big guitar introduction, its distorted vocals and sweet bass nudgings, huge choruses and those aforementioned road-trip vibes.

“Cause I’ve been frozen down to my teeth
Come on and warm this dead misery
And I’ve been listening to every word spoken inside and underneath
Behind the breath that you can see”

The soaring bridge and lyrical seekings feel like someone asking to be kept riding high on feels; enjoying the newness of being an alive and feeling being, even if they suspect it’s just foolishness. Are The Flatliners in love? Well I am with “Indoors” anyway.

Check it out, and dive into Inviting Light. US friends can find The Flatliners on tour this month with Melbourne’s own The Smith Street Band. Details below.




Kel Burch

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