Tapestry – Never Felt the Same (New Music)

The long-awaited new chapter of Tapestry is almost here! We had the pleasure of getting our ears on “Never Felt the Same” ahead of its release on Thursday, and took a Depth-typical deep dive look at the track.  Having coasted on the waves created by their Ghost of Me EP, Tapestry are now showing their evolution and continued relevance with their newest creation.  For the unfamiliar, the band features Tom Devine-Harrison on vocals, Luke Dorward and Darcy Grant on guitar, Benjamin Masters on drums, and Connor Askham on bass.

‘Smooth’ is a good word to capture “Never Felt the Same”‘s beginnings, with the breadth of post-hardcore allowing for Tapestry to spread their wings a little beyond the expected.  Combining the polished pulsing – like heavy heartbeats – with Tom’s falsetto singing might be surprising at first for Tapestry, but quickly the listener is immersed into the story of a stilted relationship and it’s a pleasure to sink into that, however they wish to share it.  Impactfully shared in inverted/negative imagery by Kieran Ellis-Jones’ music video, the couple’s connection is somberly explored.

“What if I’m broken forever?”

The heart thumps via the crashing drums and the seriousness of mood grows alongside Tom’s anguished vocals, and the instrumental atmosphere as a whole sinks.  Sharing so much in such a short amount of time, orchestral tenderness and meandering vocals explore the past. Mirrored images stoke fires of nostalgia and seem like a reflection of what the two used to have. Blue, cold, and distant; the way things presently are tears at the protagonist’s heart.

“What if I’m broken forever?” asks the anthemic chorus. Broad and searching while still unpredictable of rhythm, there’s a clear sense of being ungrounded and uncertain about the future.  Then pulsing and contemplative, verse two has me picture someone lost in thought bubbles of all the harm they’ve endured for the sake of another.  Drifting off dreamily, with dust motes of disconnect floating by, the protagonist seems to lose themselves in the cycle of endless reflection.

With zig-zagging riffs and percussive weight, “Never Felt the Same” shares dread for what’s to come ahead. Tension peaks at the bridge where there’s a sense of realisation. Electronic accents and pulses set up for Tom’s wildness to throw the track into an explosive breakdown. I then sink into the unknown, along with thick instrumentation and roars, as the track comes to a close.

Somehow melding light beauty with the weight of tragedy and the wavering nature of uncertainty, “Never Felt the Same” is indeed worth the wait.  Keep eyes and ears toward Tapestry as their new chapter continues to unfold. Pre-save the single for streaming here: https://ditto.fm/never-felt-the-same

Edit: “Never Felt The Same” is out today, here’s the video!

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