Premiere: Tall Teeth – Wolves

The velvety voice of Melbourne singer/songwriter Tall Teeth is intriguing within moments of hearing his debut release “Wolves”, even though the track is something of a slow burning experience. With a sense of curiosity, we are happy to premiere the music video for “Wolves”, just over two weeks since the track’s release.

Listeners with an affection for Jeff Buckley and similar vibing emotionally honest singer/songwriters will find comfort in the world of Tall Teeth, the creation of Bradley Price. With debut track “Wolves”, we might assume that affection and metaphors are a centrepiece of Tall Teeth’s realistic takes of life. The lyric ‘Wolves in your house’ gives poetic yet palpably relatable life to an oppressive force that bleeds joy and hangs heavily over a person, who loses the ‘sun in their mouth’. Maybe our own unique wolves have names like depression, fear, anxiety, insecurity…

“All this dread ensues”

Bradley shares that, “Wolves” tackles the idea of searching for happiness and having to accept the reality of never quite obtaining it. He learned more on the topic as he created, saying “Throughout the process of writing, happiness became less of a quest for actual fulfillment and more so a means to an end of attempting to fill a particular void”. Further creative exploration of troubling times in his life will be revealed in an upcoming EP, planned for release in 2019.

The music video beautifully presents this idea/metaphor of home, with shadowy and almost dark fairytale-like influences created by projections. It also shares Tall Teeth singing as well as the haunting cello of the stripped back single. Blurred and layered, the video captures the emotional influences/weights in which Tall Teeth is creating from.

Watch “Wolves” via YouTube below, and keep up with Tall Teeth via Facebook HERE.


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