Stray From The Path – Actions Not Words (New Music)

Beginning with a barrage of punches courtesy of drummer Craig Reynolds, Stray From The Path are (again) not holding back with “Actions Not Words”. The new single is the third to be released from upcoming album Internal Atomics, which arrives on 1st November via UNFD.  The single’s release comes in conjunction with a music video (directed by Anthony Altamura) which accentuates the dire state of distance/ignorance that the Long Island based quartet are drawing attention to.

Stray From The Path have shared that “Actions Not Words” was inspired by their experience of working with the humanitarian organisation of the same name as the song, and also with Hardcore Help Foundation. The band raised funds to provide water filters for villages outside of Nairobi in Kenya, and travelled there to help install them. The experience proved to be eye-opening for the band, putting into perspective their own complaints about daily life. The project also showed just how meaningful their actions were in making a difference, and they were inspired by how selfless and driven that members of the two organisations were.

“How real is your real world?”

With “Actions Not Words”, the band hook into the failing of complacency, and the ease of living with blinkers on. They do so with nods to previous songs, such as “Outbreak”, as well as references toward the relatively pointless “thoughts and prayers” sentiments that are common responses… with no further action taken. What seems real and pressing in our social media lensed world means nothing to a person who faces starvation or can’t source clean water.

Sonically, the track is signature Stray From The Path, full of questions and urgency to be understood. This meets ears with energetic riffs and engaging rhythms which fire up in erratic territory or drop into a smoother, more inviting groove at will. At a siren wail-esque bridge, vocalist Drew Dijorio puts it to the listener whether they’d ignore or heed a call for help. This confrontational peak visually juxtaposes war with the virtual comfort of a man walking through a first world city. Reaching static and punishing heights, the man makes a choice to literally turn a blind eye, removing the headset/goggles that showed him these darker things, and walking away. The soundtrack to this choice to ignore is chaotic and dense, and fades out to black.

Watch “Actions Not Words” below via YouTube, and pre-order Internal Atomics now:


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