Stepson – The Entire History Of You (New Music)

Stepson have returned in a big way after a lengthy period of quiet. Kicking off a new chapter, the Brisbane band have announced their signing with SharpTone Records, and the good news that their debut album Help Me, Help You will land next year. The first taste of the upcoming album is new single “The Entire History Of You”; a five minute turbulent dive.

If you’re a lyrics-centred listener (like me), “The Entire History Of You” might be a tough one to stay present with. Though clearly emotionally charged in terms of its heaviness of sound and tension of voice, the lyrics come across fairly vague, which makes it hard to strongly resonate with… especially for five minutes.  Visually the concept of self-connection and frustration is obvious, but I personally found the “you” and all the different facets involved in their connection hard to wrap my head around.

Bassist and vocalist Jayden Ridley has shared that the song is “a culmination of the last few years of the band”. If the song is a stream of consciousness about several years of loss of self, numbness to cope, and attempts to win over the unphased, listeners will need to just take in Stepson’s sonic catharsis as it is.

As the song continues, the protagonist finds themselves seeming to be just as much at fault as the antagonist, and though they crave distance, it seems there’s still unmet needs that draw them to each other.

“I’m the one that you refuse to see”

Musically, “The Entire History of You” seems far clearer. It’s heavy with finality, and a need to be done with someone, once and for all. Forcefully and fiercely, the bombarding moments scream “ENOUGH” and seem determined to shake off the toxicity of another. At the chaotic midpoint and its hefty breakdown, the desperation to do this is palpable. A steady instrumental focus offers a momentary breather before diving back in with full force.

Turning toward the self, a more thoughtful vibe with a sharper line of questioning becomes obvious. But seemingly hopeless, searing guitar gives the impression of no answers coming in return. Bounding and bouncing alongside screams, “The Entire History of You” lands in rhythmic complexity, before returning back to where we began. All that’s left is contemplative guitar.

It’s definitely an interesting choice for a lead single from Stepson! It will be interesting to see what lies ahead, and what else will be shared in Help Me, Help You. Check out “The Entire History of You” below via YouTube.


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