Premiere: Sobriquet – Birds of Prey

Sheffield based Sobriquet are a rock/metal band with a lot of promise, and we here at Depth are proud to present their new single “Birds of Prey.” Having all met at uni several years ago, Sobriquet aim to push boundaries, and don’t want to limit themselves by trying to fit into a certain scene or aiming at a certain demographic. Taking influence from bands like letlive and The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sobriquet go mental live, and do what they can to make the whole “Sobriquet experience” one to remember. The band consists of Ludovico Fahey on vocals, Michael Chilton on bass, James Turner on drums, and Tom Green-Morgan and Jake Askew on guitar.

Sobriquet set the tone early with shredding guitar riffs and brutal vocals. A deep inhalation can be heard, before launching into the first verse, as if preparing to unleash the beast. “Birds of Prey” is a comment on the current state of ‘bar culture’, where someone can attempt to drug someone and take advantage of them without repercussions. Filthy men that attempt to do things like this are described by Sobriquet as vultures, as they lurk and stalk their prey; awaiting their next victim.

“Birds of Prey”‘s vocals are a growling mix of anger and sadness, as the passion behind the message is clear. Frustration is palpable. Hostility is lying under the surface, coming through the hatred filled vocals and wild guitars. In my mind I picture the guitarists wailing away, with every note change feeling as though they’re on the cusp of losing control, and the instruments taking on lives of their own. I can picture eyes rolling back in shaking heads on relentlessly moving bodies. Everything is one with the rhythm and also on the edge of insanity. Yeah, it’s that good.

“Birds of Prey” was inspired by a conversation that vocalist Ludovico had with his former housemate. She shared how she’d been drugged at a bar and the predator had got away with it, with no action was taken. Ludovico was infuriated by the potential of this recurring without consequences; these ‘vultures’ preying on unsuspecting women, swooping in with rohypnol without challenge.

“It disgusts me, that you blame her. You’re a monster.”

Somehow getting away with his attempt at deception, the metaphorical vultures are not only seen by Sobriquet, but have confrontational bullets fired their way by the band. Getting angrier and angrier by the second, Sobriquet are menacing with their instruments and send a fiery warning.

The track ends with a loss of control, as the rage takes over and overwhelms Sobriquet with sound and fury. It’s a hard-hitting take on an important subject matter, performed with raw passion. Without further ado, here’s “Birds of Prey”, exclusively through Depth Magazine until it releases on all streaming services on 6th June:


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