Skorched – Bury You Breathing (New Music)

Skorched are the latest addition to the growing nu-metal scene in Australia, with the Melbourne based six piece dropping their brand new single, “Bury You Breathing”. Their music is hard hitting and decimating, and made even more intimidating by the fact that every member of the band maintains their anonymity at all times. The band dons black clothes and masks as to hide who they really are. This edge, along with their sublime musical talent, has gained them sets supporting bands like Alpha Wolf, Gravemind, Honest Crooks, Daybreak, and The Gloom in the Corner, and they have impressed on every occasion.

“Bury You Breathing” is mean. The riffs are brutal, making you feel like you’re going back and forth between two people consecutively punching you in the face. You can feel the impact of the verses in your very soul, and this is before the vocals kick in.

The two vocalists go back and forth, throwing unrelenting screaming rhymes at one another without respite. With the lyrics they state their authority, making clear that they are here to stay. According to one of the unnamed band members, this song is a promise. A promise that they are confident, and they’re coming for everyone in music.

“Rise up jump up don’t give a fuck, this is our time let it all out now tell them they can all get fucked, you can try but you’ll never get me.”

I don’t think they could have made their intentions any clearer. Each powerful hit of the snare drum represents another wall they are knocking down on their way to success, as this song is them smashing through the glass ceiling and preparing to take the industry by storm. Skorched have a huge sound and clearly have a lot of talent, check out the new song via the video below. You can also find it on our Spotify playlist HERE.


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