Silent Planet – Share The Body (New Music)

If we weren’t already excited for Silent Planet‘s set tonight in Melbourne for Make Them Suffer, with Oceans Ate Alaska, and Thornhill as support, a fresh new single is tipping us over the edge.

Freshly signed to UNFD, California metalcore band Silent Planet have announced the good news of their third album on the way; When The End Began, releasing on 2nd November. Already sharing a taste of the upcoming album with first single “Vanity Of Sleep”, Silent Planet today give us “Share The Body” coupled with a powerful music video.

With a warning at the beginning of the video alerting viewers to use discretion in relation to the opioid use they’re about to see, “Share The Body” already comes with a weight of seriousness. With intellectually driven lyrics that seem designed for poring over and gaining greater understanding with every listen and every read, Silent Planet are directing their creative energies toward tackling the opioid addiction (Can I just say here that I wish I had the lyrics at hand!).

Of the new track, frontman Garrett Russel hopes for “Share The Body” to inspire difficult conversations with loved ones, and for those struggling with addiction to open up and seek the help they need. He says, “”Share the Body” explores the brutal opioid epidemic that is ravaging communities around the world. Approaching addiction from the inside out, our song and video attempts to follow the genesis of addiction (pharmaceutical) all the way to narcotics and subsequent overdose. Many of the lyrics and themes stem from conversations we’ve had at shows and online with our listeners.”

With skillfully crafted tension and bombardment, “Share The Body” instrumentally captures a state of persistent overwhelm, first painted by echoing tones before escalating into strength. It’s brilliantly done, where the listener is practically buried with layers of sound, creating a sense of suffocation and a desire to escape that we can also see presented in the music video by the character taking a pill.  Cleanly roared choruses cry out for an escape, and we’re slapped in the face by the truth:

“All the hell in my veins won’t wash away your face.”

Divine rhythms in the second verse continue this story with fluid pace. As a listener, I follow and tries to keep up as an identity confusion spills forth, questioning whether they are done, or if there something more for them in this life.

Punishing metalcore drives hard while impassioned vocals fittingly ooze an almost pleading sense of terror at what they’ve become, and how they need to be free of it.  All of the anguish and tension funnels down into the ending of the track, featuring a beauty of a pit call: “I hit the bottom then it hit me back”, before throaty growls see us out.

Feeling full, intense, and hitting home on this ‘voluntary genocide’ of opioid addiction, “Share The Body” is yet another artful and meaningful creation from Silent Planet. Watch:


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When The End Began Tracklisting

1. Thus Spoke
2. The New Eternity
3. Northern Fires (Guernica)
4. Afterdusk
5. Visible Unseen
6. Look Outside: Dream
7. Vanity of Sleep
8. In Absence
9. Share The Body
10. Firstborn (Ya’aburnee)
11. Lower Empire
12. Look Inside: Awake
13. The Anatomy of Time (Babel)
14. Depths III


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