Sensaii – Bipolar Bears (New Music)

Located in sunny Brisbane Australia, alternative/post-hardcore act Sensaii have released a new song, titled “Bipolar Bears”. This is accompanied by a music video as well as a behind the scenes video. The music video was directed by Ryan Burt (Formerly of The Amity Affliction) and signifies work on a new album for Sensaii, as well as providing a dark look into the minds of the band. The band members of Sensaii are Rowan Herbert on vocals, Chris Burt and Shaun Switzer on guitar and backup vocals, Kerry Rowe on bass, and James Hart on drums.

The track picks up very quickly, with the song opening with some fast paced shredding from the guitarists. Powerful clean vocals are demonstrated early also, as they lead into the verses and set up perfectly for when the harsh gravelly screams kick in. The verses are fast and rough, like sandpaper, yet are still technically fantastic as the constant fast guitars coexist perfectly with the screams and the drums.

The choruses are catchy as well as different. They aren’t your classic clean vocals, as they have a bit more “oomph” to them. Lead Vocalist Rowan also demonstrates a talent for singing, as he provides a view at his dulcet tones during one of the verses leading up to the chorus.

“We wanted to show that there’s always a way to overcome the darkness” – Kerry Rowe

Lyrically the song is about exploring the duality of the manic highs and treacherous lows associated with bipolar disorder, as well as mental illnesses as a whole. This is obviously reflected in the track itself, through the manic high paced instrumentals. The fast guitars make you feel as if you are losing control, and the harsh vocals make you feel like you are standing on the edge of a cliff, and at any second you could slip and fall.

The back and forth nature of the bipolar disease is reflected in the video itself, as it constantly cuts between white and black backgrounds, and changing the scenery frequently, as if to represent the constant battle and conflicting thoughts going on inside ones mind.

Vocalist Rowan Herbet describes the track as an attempt to “portray the feelings of being an involuntary puppet of your own mind.” He added that “Sometimes you can get so stuck between two different mindsets; and that can be a terrifying place.” Bassist Kerry Rowe added “Even though the song is dark; about some things that some of us are directly dealing with every day; we wanted to show that there’s always a way to overcome the darkness. Be it your family, friends, or even just music.”

The video shows the band rocking out in several different locations, as the background changes a lot to reflect the conflictedness of the mind. It is a lot of fun, and that punk jump before one of the choruses was legit.

The behind the scenes video is a very wholesome look into the making of a music video. There are several sequences involving the band simply pissing around and having a great time together, which is always good to see. It shows the setting up of the set for the video, and features extracts from several other Sensaii songs.

Check out “Bipolar Bears” now, and also check out the Behind the Scenes video as it is a very wholesome viewing experience.


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  1. So proud of Sensaii and not just saying this from a mother’s point of view but coming from the heart of someone who works in the industry of helping others and the every day struggle that affects millions of Australians and million of people world wide with mental illness. Many who are yet to be diagnosed.
    I know of a few people who have dug themselves out of the darkness and this is done by family, friends, community and music.

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