Saviour – April (New Music)

Perth’s Saviour have released a video for their song “April”, from their sophomore album Let Me Leave.

“April” is the first track from the album and expresses the album title in its lyrics. The track opens with synth sounds and gentle guitar before Shontay Snow’s vocals speak about lost love. Together with Bryant Best they express this relationship confusion:

“Let me leave, let me leave, let me leave
I don’t want to but I need to”

The lyrics express a dysfunctional relationship, where there’s a need to leave but also a desire to stay for other reasons. To me, the blending of the two vocals has Bryant play the role of the angry and venting part that might be attempted to be subdued and kept within, where Shontay’s vocals keep it together, despite being softer.

Check out “April”‘s music video below. You can also read our full review of Let Me Leave HERE.

Kel Burch

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