Rome Hero Foxes – 18 Summers (New Music)

Texas based Rome Hero Foxes have released a new track along with the exciting news of an upcoming album: 18 Summers. The title track is the first single from the album, which is set to release on 27th July.  With the band’s I/O EP still ringing in our ears and hearts with lyrics like “If this is how it ends I hope someday we’ll find love in our mistakes”, “18 Summers” proves to be a punkier take on things from Rome Hero Foxes. In between I/O and “18 Summers” was the three-track EP Horoscope, which hinted at some grittier rock territory with the title track.

Though it kicks off with more fight than tenderness, “18 Summers” still offers a familiar flavour of love and introspection that we know and love from the band. Lyrically we’re hit with a flood of life events, that all seem to fall down into a valley of insecurity.

“Boy I’m lonely
Are you lonely too

I easily fell for the vulnerability and wildness of the track, which seemed to peak at a guitar solo and a tense and stuttering bridge (“Something’s gotta change”), which became even more endearing as it flung itself into an “Oooaaaaah” chasm with multicoloured fantastical accompaniment. It’s easy to lose yourself in this creation.

Catchy choruses is just one of the great things about this piece of music that takes us on a tour through multiple doorways into pockets of goings-on. Whether you can keep up or not, it’s a sweet track nonetheless. Catch the lyric video below and get set for album release on 27th July. We’ve also added this beauty to our Spotify playlist HERE.


Kel Burch

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