RinRin – Seek The Truth (New Music)

After an impressive debut with “The Game”, RinRin‘s follow up single is just as wowing… including some extra heaviness thrown into the mix. “Seek The Truth” released last month and serves as another reminder to pay attention to what the Perth musician is creating.

Just as “The Game” before it, “Seek The Truth” carries an element of gentleness/sweetness, with decidedly kickass musical skill. As the track begins, flamboyant riffs rise from static noise, before gentle yet clear vocals accompany searching guitar.

There’s a pent up restlessness that’s expressed in the vocals/lyrics that doesn’t seem to have had a chance to surface before. Full instrumentation coupled with vocal dedication toward another person seems apt to reflect the theme of the song; being blinded by love in a toxic dynamic. RinRin has shared with us that the song is based on “being involved in a toxic relationship where letting go is so much harder than pretending that everything is okay in spite of the lies that is fed to you.”

“Beating quietly in the palm of your hands”

“Seek The Truth”‘s chorus comes across as hopeful for something better, but there doesn’t seem to be a way forward. Tumultuous instrumentation with soaring vocals captures how much effort has been put into the situation, before landing in defeat; “But there is no escape”.  Feeling tense as the song flows into its second verse, that point of giving up is more apparent, and for me it seems almost overwhelming, as though the protagonist is being pushed to make a decision in this stuck situation.

Roared vocals and an erratic breakdown moment is a brilliant addition to “Seek The Truth”, giving an unmistakeable element of fiery frustration to the scene. This then swiftly surrenders into cool and quiet tandem reflection, with heart-thudding drum beats of contemplation and a compassionate breather.

Returning to the chorus and having the two voices entangle and roar toward an eventual close seems meaningful in itself. As RinRin says “In the end, the truth will set you free.”

With a music video for the new track waiting patiently for premiere in 10 days’ time, and the hint of an EP to come in May this year, 2021 seems set to be a good one for RinRin. Listen to “Seek The Truth” via Spotify below.


Kel Burch

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