Resolve – Terra Mater (New Music)

With the release of their brand new single, Resolve inadvertently sent me on an educational Wikipedia rabbit hole. Though none of the social media posts or press release I’ve seen mentions it, I discovered that “Terra Mater” is based on Roman mythology; the goddess of the earth, otherwise known as Mother Earth. This understanding reveals “Terra Mater” as sharing a dark tale of mistreatment at the hands of humanity.

Beginning beautifully and thoughtfully with ominous tones and percussive strikes, Resolve’s vocalist Anthony Diliberto seems to take on the voice of Mother Earth. He describes broken bonds of ages, of how she has been used and taken from, with no reciprocation or responsibility. With the personification, “Terra Mater” is confronting – as it should be.

“Disfigure me, then rip a thousand limbs from my body”

Growing in frustration and unsettledness, the song is dissonant at the same time as it’s beautiful and powerful. “Terra Mater” expresses both a vulnerability in Mother Earth’s culmination of bruisings, and also shares quiet strength in her eventual triumph, no matter what is done to her.

I can’t get past how lyrically stirring and disturbing “Terra Mater” is. With lines like “Hands and feet tied to a plastic bag / Feeling like a miracle left adrift”, and the haunting steady climb, it’s a tough pill of reality to swallow.  Musically, Resolve never seem to put a foot wrong. And while “Terra Mater” is something a little sonically different for them, it works brilliantly well in capturing the pathway to self-destruction that we’re on.

Though it’s not yet been revealed that there’s a full release on the way, the ending of “Terra Mater” seems to suggest that it may be part of something bigger! We’re ready for that news whenever it lands, having thoroughly enjoyed Resolve’s Rêverie EP.

Take in “Terra Mater” via the lyric video shared on the Dreambound YouTube channel, or via your favourite streaming places.


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