Resolve – Rêverie (New Music)

Lyon based Resolve have shared some very good news, as well as a new track. “Rêverie” offers up a new sound compared to what we’ve already heard from the four piece, and doubles as announcing the title of their future release. Resolve’s debut EP Rêverie will be out on October 13th.

I found “Rêverie” to be spellbinding, with a clear absence of the force and thunder we’ve experienced in previous tracks from Anthony (vocals), Nathan (drums), Robin (bass), and Aurélien (guitar).

The band introduced “Rêverie” thus:

“This is not your usual Resolve track. Back when we were writing in the studio last year, one of our goals was to create something really different from the music bands like ours usually produce. Please, listen with open ears and we hope you will enjoy this as much as we had fun writing it.”

They most certainly achieved something very different, while still maintaining the richness of emotion felt in the earlier singles.

From the beginning “Rêverie” is soft, subtle, and distant, with just Anthony and a guitar in an armchair. It feels like he is daydreaming and noticing a disconnection from life. He’s soon squirming in the discomfort of not finding outlines of his own existence. There’s no boundaries or hard outlines which capture his strength of being. I love how this has been expressed by Resolve.

“I feel like a ghost, invisible, unassailable”

Pondering this state, my impression is that they’re wondering what the answer is; what more exists beyond this state of nothingness. Along the lines of “Who am I and why am I here?” and “What actually exists?” and in the face of this question, “What does this mean for my own existence?”. A cascade of worry as they fall into the nothingness.

There’s then a realisation that walls have been built in a quest to escape from life as it is happening and from feeling. And at this point, the band come together, joining Anthony in the song as well as appearing in the video, and it’s a beautiful and moving moment of ‘coming home’. Goosebumps.

Soak up this gentle and thoughtful track via its music video, and stay tuned for the Rêverie album on 13th October.

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