Ocean Grove – SUNNY (New Music)

But outside it looks SUNNYYYYYY!

Give it a couple of listens and Ocean Grove‘s new single “SUNNY” will work its way into your psyche, just as previously released singles “JUNKIE$” and “Ask For The Anthem” have! The fresh tune comes coupled with some VERY good news from the Oddworld crew too: Album Flip Phone Fantasy is coming in 2020! (I’m already in love with that title)

The Rhapsody Tapes was a brilliant collection of music from the band at the time of its release in 2017, and the amusingly named Flip Phone Fantasy already has me beyond keen to see what Dale, Sam, Matt, and Twiggy have in store for our ear holes.

Landing firstly with hand-clapping and rhythm stuttering joy, but with a solemn voice, “SUNNY” takes us alongside a Celebrations-munching guy who’d “like to feel alive”.  The high-flying choruses inspire rainbows of unbridled freedom as a contrast to the couch slumping alternative.

As the song progresses with more energy than it began, the same aliveness comes from “lying in my birthday suit tonight” instead of going out. Slipping layers are a mainstay of “SUNNY” with tiny tinges of Oasis somewhere in there. A purely instrumental section has me feel ‘at home’ in the familiar surroundings of that Ocean Grove guitar tone, and backing “la la la”‘s add a spark of fun that’s coming across in all of the Melbourne band’s new songs.

When talking about the new single, vocalist Dale Tanner refers to “SUNNY” as the musical antidote to the self induced slump”. It’s something he feels that our generation, society, and his fellow band members can relate to. As well as being “a kick up the listener’s ass to kill the anticipation of what may be to come on any given day, and to get out into the Odd World despite their depression, existential dread or hangover” the song is also “an ‘F You’ to anyone that looks down upon the recluse behaviour inherent in the youth of today and the joy that comes with partying, staying up late and sleeping in all day because you can.”

Stay tuned for more firm dates and details about Flip Phone Fantasy! Until then, enjoy “SUNNY” here: https://unfd.lnk.to/sunny

Edited: 22nd January:

The “SUNNY” music video has been released! Bringing to visual life the slumping or partying, with an ever-present pink flip phone at the band members’ hands. The video (directed, filmed, and edited by Kieran Ellis-Jones, and featuring a colourful Charlie Cheeseman) is as action packed and eccentric as the band and deserves close attention to all of the scenes and symbols throughout!

[Photo credit: Ed Mason]
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