Ocean Grove – Stratosphere Love (Track Of The Day, 2nd March)

Ocean Grove‘s “Stratosphere Love” begins reminiscent of a movie scene where a curious figure enters a club; with everything moving in slow motion while heads turn to watch him move through the darkness. Anticipation hangs in the air as the sound gradually builds.

“A piece of me is slowly dying
To make it through
Secretly, I pray so hard now
I bet you did too


Guitars and a Rage Against The Machine-esque sound cut the air with force, while an eerie melody wafts behind them. Soon the eeriness takes centre stage, pulling the track down deep (“it’s so cold, it’s SO cold”) before the chorus hits, and the track continues on, blowing up into rock massiveness with a rap edge.

Say say you’re with it now!”

“Stratosphere Love” is heavy, intense and awesome all at the same time and warrants re-listens (and re-listens) through its death-by-guitar-brillance sound, especially all the way to the killer outro where drums take focus along with scratching.

This is our Track Of The Day, from the brilliant The Rhapsody Tapes album:

Kel Burch

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