Ocean Grove – Lights On Kind Of Lover (Track Of The Day, 27th April)

For today’s Track Of The Day we take a dive into the multi-coloured landscape of Odd World music.

Ocean Grove‘s “Lights On Kind Of Lover” was released a year ago as a single, along with a music video. Today also commemorates one year since their signing with Melbourne heavy music label UNFD. It’s been a huge year for Ocean Grove, with the release of The Rhapsody Tapes and playing shows across Australia as well as heading to the UK!

“Lights On Kind Of Lover” is a crash course in getting to know Ocean Grove’s vibe and their brand of creating music. It brings with it a heavy grunge vibe, but also record scratches, warpy zen interludes, vocal experimentation, bombardment via screams and drums, as well as soaring anthemic choruses. This song feels like what would be created if the tracks of The Rhapsody Tapes were blended together and made into a single track. It’s a perfect showcase of the ever unpredictable and entertaining Odd World sound that Ocean Grove bring.

“I can see you looking on my way
Why don’t you do something about it?
I don’t feel I’m welcome in this space
But I won’t let you unnerve me”

Lovers of cross-genre 90s music and those who spent obsessive hours of watching music videos on Rage, will see “Lights On Kind Of Lover” as a time capsule of awesomeness, teleporting us back to an era of cartoons, YoGo, Monkey Magic, rap videos with chain link fences, heavily saturated colour, overdone video effects with limited technology, and green screen used everywhere. It’s wonderful in its weirdness.

Check out “Lights On Kind Of Lover” with its music video or via Spotify.

Kel Burch

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