New Politics: Live At Kenan Auditorium, NC, 18th March

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On 18th March, Danish rockers New Politics were live at Kenan Auditorium, UNCW, in Wilmington, NC.

The trio of David Boyd (vocals), Søren Hansen (guitar, vocals, keys) and Louis Vecchio (drums, vocals) rocked the stage, playing a set of 15 songs, both old and new, including a Britney Spears cover!


Girl Crush
Give Me Hope
Tonight You’re Perfect
50 Feet Tall
Everywhere I Go (Kings & Queens)
We Will Overcome
We Are the Radio
Fall Into These Arms
Just Like Me
One Of Us
Yeah Yeah Yeah
…Baby One More Time (Britney Spears cover)
Stuck on You
Goodbye Copenhagen

Photographer Kelsie Bennett was there and captured New Politics doing what they do best on stage. Check out her amazing photos in the gallery!

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