My Inspiration: Tim Maxwell of LOSER

With the release of LOSER‘s new single “Upside Down” yesterday, it seems like the perfect time to hear from vocalist/guitarist Tim Maxwell about the band that inspired him to pursue music.

Who are you and what do you do in your band?

My name’s Tim and I sing and play guitar in LOSER.

What was THE band that sparked your love for music?

I was introduced to a lot of classic rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and
Black Sabbath from an early age by my parents. They influence me still to this day.
But the band I discovered myself that really made me want to pick up a guitar was
Green Day.

What was the experience you had with Green Day that kicked it off for

I remember hearing most of their discography and being in awe over how punk rock
could be so melodic and catchy. It all changed for me when I saw Billie Joe play in
front of thousands of people on the Bullet In A Bible DVD. I knew from that moment
forth that it’s what I wanted to do with my life.


What do you feel hit it home for you about Green Day?

The fact that a three piece rock band who gave zero fucks could smoke any other
musician with how tight they were. Pair that with catchy hooks and plenty of attitude
and you’ve got a great fucking band.

Tell us about stand out albums or songs.

American Idiot – This album changed my life, who knew that punk could be opera? Not me.

International Superhits – Even though this is a compilation it gave me a good look at
the band’s history of hits and I still listen to this most days.

In which way do you feel that Green Day influence the way you
make music presently?

It makes me put more attitude and energy into the band’s music. Funnily enough I
don’t consider myself a punk fan but this band had something different about them
and especially longevity. I feel like if a band can have longevity then they are going
to have a decent career (as long as the songs aren’t shit)!

Cheers, Tim! Check out LOSER’s sound with the “Upside Down” video below:

[LOSER image credit: Tori Styles]
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