Mirrors – Can You Hear The Silence (New Music)

Following on from “Cold Sanctuary”, Mirrors have today released “Can You Hear The Silence”. It’s the second single from the Gippsland/Melbourne band’s upcoming sophomore EP, Cold Sanctuary, releasing on 10th May. Mirrors includes Patrick Goodman (vocals), Tyson Taifer (guitar), Jake Mackin (bass), and Robert Brens (drums).

With an eerie melody and frustration rippling through the vocals, “Can You Hear The Silence” comes with an immediate sense of urgency. Amplified by intricate guitar work, the urgency continues and becomes suffocating, before pulling back into a moment that’s more thoughtful, and sparse. Trying to get through to the intended, Patrick literally screams in frustration.

The lyric “For now we’re just caught in the hourglass” hit me most powerfully, with the light and downward falling melody. It comes across like a defeated suffocation, watching things gradually worsen, and waiting for them to end – without answers or solutions coming.

By way of the song’s intention, Patrick shared with me that it relates to perspectives, and how some people can force their views upon others, while simultaneously being uncertain. In this world of unknowns, it can be a case of the blind leading the blind, with many searching and no one truly knowing. The music video imagery (courtesy of Colin Jeffs) expresses some of this, featuring footage of Patrick blindfolded interspersed with band footage.

Check out “Can You Hear The Silence” via YouTube below, or stream via your favourite streaming service.


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