Mirage – Minefield (Track Of The Day, 3rd September)

Our Track Of The Day comes from Mirage of Lyon, France. The melodic hardcore band exist as a five piece now with David Paoli on vocals, Adrien Gonzales on lead guitar, Stéphane Gout on rhythm guitar, Guillaume Vo on bass and Antoine Tribouillard on drums.

Prior to the current line-up, David and Adrien recorded a video for their track “Minefield” with the two shown playing the track together with energy and intensity.

Opening with gentle and resonating guitar, it becomes soon apparent with the vocals that this song is a confrontation. “Minefield” becomes progressively heavier and more aggressive as the song goes on. It is impressive with its intricate guitar work and roared vocals, expressing disbelief as well as anger and a sense of ‘How did we get here?’.

“When did we step on a landmine?
Your goal was the same as mine
So why are we stuck?”

Piano is featured going into the bridge and there’s a moment of peace and contemplation before the track hits hard again, focusing on this situation that seems to have become tense and uncomfortable. The close of the track is heavy with fight but feels like it is left unresolved.

Check out “Minefield” with its music video below. Keep up with Mirage via Facebook HERE.


Kel Burch

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