Mauvais – Antipathy (New Music)

Following on from where they left off with their Frail Words EP, Adelaide heavies Mauvais have released crushing new single and video “Antipathy”.  The single comes from an upcoming split release with Sydney’s Wraith, with an unknown-as-yet release date and title. Mixed and mastered by Tom Cadden, “Antipathy” was visually brought to life by Tony Ris who filmed and edited the dark and oppressive music video.

With its title literally defined as ‘strong dislike’, “Antipathy” comes straight out of the gate with intensity and anger, bolstered by sharp perspective shifts and weighty riffs. Beefy bass thumps and rounded drum hits add even more density to this confrontational piece of music.

Thematically, the dark track seems to relate to an authority figure abusing trust and power, and the fallout from the experience, as well as acknowledging the ill that’s coming to them. Vocalist Jaycob Page shared with us that “Antipathy” sonically takes inspiration from bands like Varials and Kublai Khan. Hearing this in action, the bass tone is absolutely to die for, as are the spacious fades out/in, and the tight rhythms showcased throughout. With monstrous riff gymnastics and a driving pace, Mauvais keep it interesting even for lyric-focused music fans like me.

While I’d love to have seen a music video for this track more blatantly express the ‘antipathy’ factor, the shadowy scene does the job in showing Mauvais in action, working in strong unison through to the track’s djenty end. The video is a definite appetite whetting piece for Mavuais’ live performance on their upcoming tour with 23/19 [Details].

Watch “Antipathy” via YouTube below.


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