Make Them Suffer – Soul Decay (New Music)

Chasing the furiously wagging tails of “Drown With Me” and “Erase Me”, Perth heavies Make Them Suffer have released another sonic taste of their upcoming album. How To Survive A Funeral lands on July 24th via Greyscale Records.

With its spiralling and beckoning opening riff, “Soul Decay” immediately comes across as a ‘throw yourself around to this’ kind of track. Despite sounding upbeat and energetic (or is that just my own enthusiasm for the song?) the track is a call to another to recognise the impact they are having on their own life. This confrontation is wrapped up with compassion at the chorus, which forms a dreamy yet urgent wake-up call.

“I watched you fall from grace.”

More slammingly direct as it progresses, “Soul Decay”‘s hardened edges lay out the fault and responsibility of the person in question on a platter. A “Can’t you see what you’re doing to yourself?” question mark hangs above the track, which is immediately catchy courtesy of its chorus.

Toward its end, the way is parted for the collision of a breakdown; the call to “burn it down” demands for the walls of the facade and “woe is me” repetition of a pattern to crumble to dust. It’s another solid tune from Make Them Suffer, only adding to the curiosity of How To Survive A Funeral. Pre-orders are available now:


[Make Them Suffer photo credit: Sandra Steh]
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