Madura Green – Potato Salad (New Music)

Adelaide’s Madura Green have released something new for 2020, as well as promising an EP to be released later in the year.  “Potato Salad” follows on from “Crickets”, and leaves an aftertaste of frustration courtesy of its composed yet sparkly self.

Steady and easygoing from the start, “Potato Salad” arrives with a gentle searching via vocals. It seems that the protagonist of the song wants to know where they’re going in life, and the direction they should go. It’s all reminiscent of a Groundhog Day looping of existence, with time continuing to pass, and no answers coming forward while waiting.

There’s a lovely melody in the background of the chorus that tickles the ears, and it’s all surprisingly pretty for capturing someone feeling so unclear. Immersed in a pool of sound, the curiously named “Potato Salad” is akin to relentlessly looking around and not getting any sense of direction or motivation. Side note: Is it named because of feeling like one’s life is this jumble of ingredients? Or were Madura Green simply enjoying a nourishing snack? 🤔

“Tell me everything is fine”

A definite standout of “Potato Salad” is how after the easy steadiness of the verses, the bridge offers up something that’s more desperate in its outward search for guidance. The looping sense of limbo finally turning into more direct and exploring threads is lovely, and the pauses and guitar twinkles remind me of Tiny Moving Parts‘ approach to songs.

“Potato Salad” is a slowly building song that’s worth hanging out with through its duration. I adore how this easiness and gentleness peaks at a final gasp of frustration of “I’ve had enough!”. It’s refined (and realistic) in the decision to not give everything away emotionally. The music video also captures the “I’m wasted all the time” line in an almost literal sense, with the fairy lights in the forest getting more and more blurred in this intoxication.

Check out “Potato Salad” via YouTube below, OR even better, hear the song in the flesh when the band tour with Whatever, Forever this weekend (more info via Facebook).

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