LUNE – Ghost (New Music)

So we’re a little late to the LUNE party, but some things are worth the wait, you feel me? Forming with members of I, Valiance and Blind Oracle, LUNE have introduced themselves to the world of heavy music with their debut single “Ghost”. The single is hinted at being the title track to the five piece’s debut EP, but there’ll probably be more details on that in early 2020. The Melbourne band features Krys Smith, Nathaniel Smith, Tyler Hendley, David Freeland, and Harrison Mills.

Released on 8th November, “Ghost” serves as one hell of an introduction to LUNE. Eerie and raw, the urgency and panic is palpable from the start, as heavy riffs and slamming beats hit the message home along with a searing undercurrent. Dark hallways and terrifying internal dialogue conjures up an existential crisis of sorts; whether to endure the pain of failure or risk and aspire.

In the chorus, where breathing seems easier, it’s practically a farewell. A call to be remembered as something… as someone. But the spaciousness doesn’t last long before the listener is pulled deep into frustration, where immersion into pointless social media scrolling and the wearing of facades happens instead of connecting.

“Watch your passion fall through your fingertips.”

Heavier and heavier, with layer upon layer of fierceness, it’s akin to an internal suffocation and of losing connections and possibilities (which sounds fucking great, musically speaking). Grinding to a halt then, a devastating breakdown reflects practically a complete change of personality from what was once there.

We’re lost in the dark along with LUNE and vicious winds whip wildly in this space of disconnect. Sonically, with a skin-crawlingly unsettling melody beside crushing heaviness, this is very damn cool and very much congruent to what’s shared lyrically. There’s no happy ending, just a fade to black.

The video does a good job of reflecting the same, with darkness and angle shifts and layers preventing connection. Shot and edited by Colin Jeffs (of Ten Swords Media), LUNE’s Nathaniel had a hand in the video’s concept and direction.

It’s definitely a strong start for LUNE, and it’ll be interesting to see what 2020 brings for the band. To celebrate the single launch, LUNE are playing at Stay Gold, Melbourne on 21st December with Advocates, Vatic, and Blood On My Hands. More info on that HERE.


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