LOSER – Golden Things (New Music)

Melbourne five piece LOSER have announced a follow up to Restless Noise (2018). Their debut full length album Mindless Joy is planned for release on 14th February via Domestic La La. Amongst its 12 tracks, the album includes previous singles “Get It All Out” and “Out Of Luck”, and also their newest single “Golden Things”.

While an end-of-year break is looming tantalisingly for me, the subject matter of “Golden Things” is well worth putting down the Nintendo Switch controller for a moment and taking time to immerse into. According to the press release, in “Golden Things” vocalist and guitarist Tim Maxwell explores a desire to maintain full creative freedom, regardless of how this translates commercially. As editor and writer of a music website that detests clickbait and seeks for each article to be a meaningful creative expression, I wholeheartedly back this.

“So I’ll stay home where I belong”

Though the specifics of Tim’s desire aren’t too obvious in “Golden Things”‘ lyrics, there is a dismissal of “golden things”, and the song hints to the true gold being found in the struggle and challenges. The rock quintet meander through the song with brash force and a sense of yearning. Through the crashing drums and all-encompassing riffs, the seeking vocals try to communicate what matters most to him/Tim.

“Golden Things”‘s ending feels especially great. After an instrumental section and one more chorus, it’s a drum-incited shift into a multilayered last effort… or maybe it’s defeat? I love the inspiration behind the song and would be keen to hear far more direct and obvious commentary on creating freely!

With the band talking more about Mindless Joy, it seems set to include some heavy themes and will work as a purge of sorts. In Tim’s words “Here’s the album, here’s everything. I’m letting all my emotions out. I’m not scared to hide this anymore.”

Listen to “Golden Things” via YouTube below or via streaming services here.


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