Little Empire Band – Tell Me Something (New Music)

If you’ve been missing the dreamy romanticism of Boxing At The Zoo, swiftly direct your attention toward Little Empire Band. After a year long hiatus from music after the break-up of BATZ, Daniel J. Ramos is sharing the first piece of music from his new project.

With warm guitar and familar lyrics, “Tell Me Something” is instantly intimate, with the listener seemingly eavesdropping on a conversation between Daniel and ‘Alexandria’.  In Daniel’s words: “This is a song I wrote regarding the concept of intimacy and spending a lifetime with the person you love.” 

Opening with dusky rhythms and unpolished guitar and a drop into fond memories, our ears take us swimming in playful melodies, synthy goosebumps, distorted vocals, and a multi-layered expression of affection.

“I swear I fell for you then”

Heartfelt and dreamy, the fantastical romance is easy to immerse into, and even take on as an antidote for loneliness. Of this unabashed and reflective love song, Daniel shares: “Most love songs generally depict the initial fall whereas I chose to envision a love that had already stood the test of time (and won). In the song, I narrate about a man asking his soulmate if she can remember significant moments in their history together. Claiming to know the future he insists “I knew when I first heard your name, I had to make you mine for the rest of my life”. Maybe it’s just a lame fantasy but I hope that can be me one day.”

With the project presently only Daniel and drummer Michael Fuentes, Little Empire Band aims to release a new album or EP, “and a handful of singles” this year, as they search for new band members, setting their future sights on playing shows and gaining industry attention.

Escape into “Tell Me Something” via Soundcloud below or Spotify.


Kel Burch

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