LIMBS – Father’s Son (New Music)

The release of a video for LIMBS’ “Father’s Son” has me kicking myself that I didn’t take the time to review the album of the same name when it released in April this year via UNFD. The Florida based band of Chris Costanza (vocals), Daniel Nelson (drums), Josh Kowalski (bass), Jordan Hunter (guitar), and Tyler Martin (guitar) toured with Underoath, Dance Gavin Dance, and Veil Of Maya, and the video captures footage from their set.

Based on the press release, the album Father’s Son is a conceptual one (‘loosely based’ on some of Chris’ personal feelings and experiences) which follows a man’s experience of breaking free from the religious confines that had been placed on him with his upbringing. The album’s title track is as frustrated and as furious as you can imagine based on that, at least at first. The stunning post-hardcore offering explores a full range of emotion.

Aggressive verses share the indoctrination and the shock of realisation that this life pledged to God is all they know (“I can’t remember a time before”). Screaming to be heard, we’re alongside LIMBS as they’re watching the blind leading the blind, giving up their money and willfully devoting their lives to something without question (“Fool’s gold mined by sheep, Following shepherds into the sea”). The vibe created by hefty riffs and solid beats along with vocals doused in horror is an anguished call for others to see what’s going on.

Settling into an uneasy pocket of defeat (“It’s too late”) with more suppressed sound and piano focus, it’s a contemplative moment on “Father’s Son”, before explosive fury lashes out. It’s a rich dynamic of sound in sharing this uncomfortable observation of docile compliance.

With the music video we’re also treated with the live audio at the end of the track, getting to experience the full spectacle of chaotic frustration. It’s a stunning song, an impressive live performance, and a great enticement to get more LIMBS to our ears.  Watch “Father’s Son” below, and find LIMBS on Spotify HERE.


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