LASTELLE – Coping Without A Cure (New Music)

Happy Friday, friends! Today sees the release of new single “Coping Without A Cure” from UK atmospheric post-hardcore band, LASTELLE.  In conjunction with the new release is the news of the band’s signing with Year Of The Rat Records.

Relatively unfamiliar with the Oxford based band, it was within 20 seconds or so from my first listen that “Coping Without A Cure” had me hooked. Atmospheric post-hardcore worlds are perfectly suited for feels-happy music lovers, and my existing appreciation for bands like Holding Absence had LASTELLE’s sound come across as familiar and natural.

Like a climactic turning point of a movie, “Coping Without A Cure” is both gentle as well as grand and moving. A tender melody soon crashes heavily and is further enhanced by the ache of guitars and drums. Amid an undercurrent of noise and the repetition of the aforementioned melody, the vocals wish for remembrance.

“I’m drifting further from this life we made”

The intertwined vocals from multiple band members at the song’s chorus creates a palpable tension of overwhelm, suiting the experience of Alzheimer’s disease that inspired the track. LASTELLE shared that the song is a personal one to them, intended to step into the role of an Alzheimer’s sufferer and their experience of forgetting the people that they love.  The combination of voices in conjunction with emotive instrumentation makes for a moving experience indeed.

Penetrating feels-pockets that bands like Casey seemed to have perfected the art of, “Coping Without A Cure” continues to grow in emotional severity. The sonic bleed of uncomfortable change is powerfully felt, and the three and a bit minutes are a deep dive into the unsettled horror of losing grip of one’s mind and the memories it contains.

Check out the beautiful and moving track via YouTube below, and your favourite streaming places here:

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