Kublai Khan – Self-Destruct (New Music)

In all-caps and brilliant red, Kublai Khan‘s fourth full length album Absolute is not-so-subtly announced via the release of new single “Self-Destruct”. Absolute is planned for release on 4th October via Rise Records, following on from previous album Nomad (2017) which left an impressive mark.

Absolute seems set to leave a boot print of its own (literally, given the album artwork), starting with first single “Self-Destruct”. With clarity of image and sound courtesy of the Errick Easterday music video, the thunderous single slams every single syllable and beat home. Its 2:20 duration is a monstrous call to attention, demanding we recognise the destructive cycles and society we exist within.

“Too full of pride to put aside the hatred.”

Vocalist Matt Honeycutt’s distinct voice shares the listener’s attention as much as savage and unflinching instrumentation does, working together as a dense and delicious serving of raw energy. “This is the new beginning” is slammed heavily into consciousnesses, before alarm and tension raises into a two-steppable hecticness.

“Self-Destruct”‘s midway point offers a pocket of even closer attention, where audiobites/quotes are juxtaposed to Nolan Ashley’s vocals, and opportunities for each instrumental ‘voice’ to have their say on this chaos we call life. Most impressive to me is the use of bass with this track, leading to the sexiest breakdown I’ve heard in awhile, which sees the song to its end. Does it get any better than this!?

It’s an impressive appetite whetting for Absolute, which can be pre-ordered now: https://smarturl.it/KublaiKhanTXAbsolute. Watch/listen to “Self-Destruct” via YouTube below.


Kel Burch

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