Kings – Stone Cold (Track Of The Day, 18th April)

Today’s Track Of The Day is a monstrous mammoth of a thing from Brisbane hardcore five piece Kings. Kings are Lewis Graham, Matt Brandon, Elliott Burnett, Nat Cochran and Josh Burnett, and “Stone Cold” is the newest single from their upcoming debut album, Never Alone (releasing May 19th).

After a subdued introduction, “Stone Cold” pulls heavy punches musically and lyrically, taking aim someone who has pushed them to their limits.

“Over and over again
You’ve let me down
And I’m sick of it
Why don’t you open up your eyes
And realise that a shallow heart will get you nowhere
Nowhere in the end”

About the track and its meaning, vocalist/guitarist Nat Cochran shared that “This song was written from a time where a close friend continued to let me down over and over again. Drugs amongst other things began to change his life and his outlook towards myself and those around him. Lies and false rumours came from him until it reached a point where I had to cut him out of my life. The negativity was something I didn’t need and didn’t need to worry about anymore.”

“All the illicit substances
Numbing the insides
You can’t see the damage you’ve done
Through bloodshot eyes and a selfish mind”

Kings have an impressive sound in “Stone Cold”, which continues to get more and more impressive as the song goes on, building up into the last minute of the track being one big jaw-dropping ‘wow‘.

Check out “Stone Cold” with its music video or stream via Spotify. You can also preorder Never Alone here:

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