Justice For The Damned – Pain Is Power (New Music)

Dropping another cut from their upcoming Pain Is Power album, Justice For The Damned are unstoppable right now.  The title track is the third single ahead of the album release on 12th June (via Greyscale Records), and it offers a third opportunity to get suitably hyped.

Whether it’s the fierceness of the vocals, the thunderous beats, or the neck-snapping riffage, the Sydney band’s newest offerings have come with a wowing freshness to them, and “Pain Is Power” is no different.  The new song expresses precisely what its title says, and the band themselves feel bouyant and untouchable while delivering the message.

Referencing the “muck” we know so well from Dragged Through The Dirt, “Pain Is Power” tells of the strength gained from enduring suffering.  With instrumental agility and an addictive bounce, the track offers an internal “Come at me, I’ll win” boost of strength and confidence.

Talking about the song’s theme, and by extension the album’s exploration, guitarist Nick Adams says “This album was written from the point of view of surviving pain rather than being a victim of it. Taking what was causing you to hurt and using it to push you into a better place.” Living this as a band during forced isolation due to COVID-19 has Justice For The Damned motivated to pour as much as they can into their music, irrespective of show cancellations or release delays.

Justice For The Damned’s unwavering conviction and energy to effortlessly overcome obstacles is palpable and this song was exactly what I needed to hear today. Get on the pre-order train for Pain Is Power here, and watch the show of strength in the Colin Jeffs music video below.


Kel Burch

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