Introvert – Mending Breaking (New Music)

Newcastle’s Introvert have today revealed that they have EP Mending Breaking on the way, as well as shared its title track. With artwork continuing the same intriguing hand-painted style that the singles shared, Mending Breaking releases on 21st February via UNFD.

Describing the EP as a whole, Introvert’s vocalist Audie Franks says that Mending Breaking “revolves around the idea of self-loathing and knowing you’re in a rut and you need to get out”. Anyone who’s faced their own shadowy parts with hopes for a brighter outlook will understand the path of two steps forward and one step back that commonly occurs in the process. This seems succinctly captured by the EP’s title, and also the new single.

As has been shared in the lyrics of previous singles (such as “Dreamers”) this journey can be a solo one (especially for literal INTROVERTS!). Shutting others out for reasons of pride and care for them makes sense, yet it also can leave one adrift on their lonesome in stormy seas of the self. I’m looking forward to observing what Introvert are sharing of their collective healing process along the way in the EP.

The title track comes with fire for change, and is a heavier of sound than the previous singles.  Exasperated lines like “I can’t keep up!” are blasted out in “Mending Breaking”, hitting home a state of frustration. A quieter moment at the bridge (“To have any conviction in anything I’ve done”) is heavy with defeat, where the brakes are firmly on, looking for a fire to propel change. As a creative person who’s struggled to write due to self-doubt (at least in part!), “Mending Breaking”‘s chorus hits brilliantly home in its relatability.

Watch via YouTube below or listen via Apple Music or Spotify here:


Introvert Mending Breaking artwork

1. Find A Way
2. Dreamers
3. As Long As You Know
4. Somewhere Else
5. Mending Breaking
6. All I Know

[Image of Introvert courtesy of April Josie]
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