Incentives – Flicker (New Music)

Melbourne melodic hardcore band Incentives have kicked off 2018 with new music. “Flicker” was released last week via Dreambound in the form of a kaleidoscopically mesmerising music video. The five piece of Incentives are  Kyle Adams (vocals), Max Hopkins (guitar), Rory Hynan (guitar), Jeremy Rouch (bass), and Joe Lipsham (drums).

In the band’s words, this impressive piece of music is the result of spending ‘a large chunk’ of 2017 writing, and they are now ready to reveal to us the next chapter of Incentives. If “Flicker” is representative of what’s to come, we are so ready.

“Flicker” features delicate accents at first, before a rush of intensity hits as the vocals begin:

“Why waste life sitting and waiting
We have all but a flicker of time”

The crushing and confrontational track questions a friend’s self-treatment and attitude to life, and shines a light on the preciousness of the life they’ve been given. Constant moving parts throughout “Flicker” are not only captivating, but also take on a sense of urgency to wake those up who are stuck in a victim state.

Mind-blowing prowess via guitars and aggressive questioning leads to a sense of ‘I’ve tried hard for you and now I’m done. Deal with it yourself now. You’re on your own.’

“Flicker” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sam Bassal, and the music video comes courtesy of Max Hopkins of Cascader Films. Watch:


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