Imminence – Up (Track Of The Day, 15th September)

Imminence are Eddie Berg (vocals & video), Harald Barrett (guitar), Peter Hanström (drums) and Max Holmberg (bass). The Swedish alternative rock/metal band released This Is Goodbye on March 31st, and have just freshly dropped a new video for “Up”.

“Up” is fifth on This Is Goodbye, and is our Track Of The Day today. “Up” is otherworldly, eerie and pulsing as it begins, with Eddie’s vocals swirling with concern and confusion.

“And I fire up, up, up
My heart is in overdrive
And I can’t stop”

Heavy riffs and fight-soaked rock kicks in at the chorus, with a blend of heartache and fight continuing throughout the track. Breathless and gritty resentment seeps out toward another as “Up” comes to a close.

The video beautifully captures the darkness and confusion, as well as the forces for fight that exist.

Check out “Up” via its new video below and keep up to date with Imminence via Facebook:


Kel Burch

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