If You Love Twenty One Pilots, Try These Other Bands

Twenty One Pilots are undeniably incredible. The amazing music-making duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have captured our hearts and attention and sparked a wave of love of music and creative expression across the globe, unifying people with their relatable lyrics and inspiration to make something meaningful of their lives, and most importantly, to stay alive.

We wanted to share some newer artists we know and love that Twenty One Pilots fans may like to check out and give a listen to. Every great musical act starts somewhere. Maybe one of these bands will become a new favourite.


Who: Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood


Why You’ll Like:
Sad/emo songs with a happy beat, introspective and angsty songs that are often about relationships, catchy songs.

A Quote: “My influx of emotions got me feeling in slow motion”

Songs To Check Out: 21 Questions, Gloom Boys, It Follows



Creative project for Colin Rigsby along with musical friends, and Jesse Cale as co-producer.


Why You’ll Like:
Beautiful music with depth, meaning and emotion, is kept fairly light musically. Great vocals, great beats, electronically influenced and drums. Colin is all about the fans and the ‘Vesperteam’ is active and growing.

A Quote:
“We all make a different sound when we break.”

Songs To Check Out:
What We Could Have Been, Inhale and Hold, Shatter In The Night


Ruben Hultman

Who: Ruben Hultman

From: Arboga, Sweden

Why You’ll Like: Heartfelt emotional vocals and lyrics that stick with you, the tenderness and lightness of ‘Brother’, the pushing into different genres/sounds. Ruben is also passionate about creative expression.

A Quote: “My lionheart will carry me over blackened seas.”

Songs To Check Out: Lionheart, Brother, Grayscale Ghosts

[Ruben Hultman Facebook]

Edit: It turns out that Ruben has even done a cover of the Twenty One Pilots song, “House Of Gold”!


Who: Kyle Knudsen, Jacob Trunzo, Colton Ward, Josh Trunzo

From: Florida

Why You’ll Like:
Beautiful songs with exceptional musical talent, wholesome, incredible vocals, spoken/rap elements, piano focus but also electronics, some reference to faith. Eclectic and awesome. Lots of love for their fans (the Kult) and inspiring live shows.

A Quote:
“Fight on.”

Songs To Check Out:
Nocturne, Patient (N.), Twin Machines, Planet

[DBMK Twitter]

Air Ralley

Air RalleyWho: Kevin Campbell, Noah Mitchener, Alan Murphy and Josiah Laskowski.

From: Indiana

Why You’ll Like: Emo lyrics to happy beats, some reference to faith, expletive free lyrics, pop punk awesomeness. Really talented young guys.

A Quote: “I know there’s a God, but he never seems to show / I hate the things I don’t know”

Songs To Check Out: Everything Is Fine, S.A.D., Felt Board Gospel, Silence

[Air Ralley Facebook]

Boxing At The Zoo

Who: Daniel J. Ramos, Chase Baudin, Steven Vega, Andrew (‘Les’) Lesmes.

From: Florida

Why You’ll Like: Dreamy sweet music, great vocals, unique sound. Light even when talking about meaningful things. Soul-soothing.

A Quote: “The thought of you with someone else makes me feel so low.”

Songs To Check Out: Rainclouds, Ms. Molly, Gone

[Boxing At The Zoo Twitter]

Quiet, Please

Who: Brice Griffith, Kevin Mcminimy, Dominik Montez

Where: Texas

Why You’ll Like: Spoken word/rap lyrics that are honest and vulnerable. Real talk about challenging topics. Catchy and fun as well as being authentic. Great rapport among the band that make them fun to watch. Piano. UKULELE!

A Quote:Maybe I just want to be heard. Maybe I just want to fly like a bird.”

Songs To Check Out: Flowers, Note, My Ship Is Sinking, I Should Probably Learn How To Swim

[Quiet, Please Twitter]

These are just a few alternative music artists that we think Twenty One Pilots fans might like to dip a toe into, if they haven’t already. Who would you add to the list for Twenty One Pilots fans to get to know? Comment here or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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