Hurst – Purple and Green (New Music)

There’s nothing better than an ass-kicking anthem and that’s exactly what the new single from Sydney band Hurst makes me want to do. Being a big fan of similar acts like WAAX and Sløtface, “Purple & Green” was a welcome addition to my Spotify library. With only a few tracks under their belt, it’s hard to go past a Hurst binge after hearing the new single. This track sits neatly into a subgenre I call ‘tracks for tearing down walls’, which make me want to stand up and take on anything in my way.

“Purple & Green” is a perfect Monday-morning song. If you want a reason to get out of bed and kick the day in it’s guts – this is it. The classic alt-rock instrumentation really helps to belt out a few bars before heading into the office. The thumping of the bass guitar and the punching snares are exceptionally uprooting.

Vocalist Ana Veira really uses her tone to accent the catchiest parts of this song. As the track begins to dissolve, the chorus starts taking over and feels more like a call to action: Everyone shake off their respective weights and dance! Who cares who’s watching?

Echoing this sentiment, Ana puts it into words by sharing honestly the importance of being real with yourself and others: “I admit that I’m very much among the first out there to hide my problems and struggles with mental health. And there’s this war between my heart and head over how I should live my life. The older I get, the more I understand that saving face is unsustainable. Fact is, I’m vulnerable, I’m an unfinished work and just because things don’t line up or make sense, doesn’t mean they never will. I hope this song can mean something to you as it does to me. I hope it can help you project whatever deep emotions and thoughts are percolating in you. I hope it can open doors to be more of who you really are.”

“I’m in tango with my feelings and what I believe
Heaven’s hand come violently and shake this weight off me

Hurst’s past few singles are satisfyingly in the same vein as “Purple & Green”. So if you’re feeling extra dangerous, I’d recommend having a quick browse back. It seems as though Hurst are tapping into something interesting right now with their sound. Other acts, such as Tired Lion do too distill a very similar emotion with the same raw sound. There has been a slight shift from their original indie roots to a more alt-rock sound within the past few releases, of which I lean closer to the latter.

I’ve found myself spinning “Purple & Green” over and over and if this is any sign of what’s to come with their forthcoming EP Sad Face, it will be quite a treat come June 29th when it releases. This song is for those feeling held down, be it by a job, a person, a feeling, anything. This was written for you to help cast it all aside and kick some ass.

Check out “Purple & Green” via SoundCloud, or catch it on our Spotify playlist HERE.


Jack Walsh

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