Hungry Hearts – Supernatural (New Music)

We last heard from SoCal’s Hungry Hearts with their track “Lighthouse”. The band have done it again and released another impressive track; “Supernatural”.

“Supernatural”‘s sound is heavy rock with electronic influence and vocal tweaks, resulting in a powerful yet smooth sound.

We asked the band about “Supernatural” and what it means to the them. David (Hungry Hearts bassist, who wrote “Supernatural” along with Miguel (vocals)) shared that “Supernatural” was one of the first songs recorded for their upcoming Born In Flames album, and that it means a lot to them, having the new sound that they are ‘trying to bring to the scene’ shining through.

“Lyrically, it’s a whole other monster”, David continued, describing that the structure of the song is “super simple, borderline minimalist”, and that they wanted to keep the lyrics the same… “on the surface.”

And every time I hear the sound the demon waits for me to
Bring me back to life!

From David, “The song is about drugs, specifically that fiend-ish nature that comes with addiction: always waiting for the next hit and that time always feeling like an eternity, the feeling of having someone inside your head or on your shoulder urging you to get more, and knowing how dangerous those habits are but being powerless and not being able to stay clean. More importantly, however, is the depression that comes with this behavior. If you take the drugs out of the equation and dig deeper, this song is about any type of addicting, hazardous, heedless behaviors which usually involve regret.

Miguel adds, “Its about the one and only thing in your life that makes you feel alive, by slowly killing you. Something that in a way takes the pain away by giving you more masked by happiness.”

David describes a sense of hope, in the face of the darkness, saying that “the chorus completely throws everything away by saying that as long as you are alive you always have one more chance to change your ways.”

It’s an undeniably powerful track. Check out “Supernatural” with its music video below. Both “Lighthouse” and “Supernatural” are from Hungry Hearts’ upcoming album Born In Flames. If these two songs are anything to go by, Born In Flames is going to be something else. It can be pre-ordered HERE.



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