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Coming hot on the heels of the release of their debut EP Outgrown in January, Homefront are already back with their latest single “Sinner”. The Brisbane alt-rock four piece went through somewhat of a rebrand ahead of the single release; signing with Dead Youth Records and completely revamping their social media presence. Rising from the ashes is a more well-produced, more artistic, and more vocal product that sounds fantastic.

“Sinner” is a callout to liars and deceivers of the past, but also an ode to those who have grown above them. The track details dealing with mistreatment and coming out a better person. While it’s not always easy to let go of toxic connections, it takes a strong will to remain absent from that negativity. “You play the saint, you’re a sinner”: A hook that is equally catchy as it is direct in its nature.

“You showed your second face. However briefly, I won’t soon forget.”

While the crisp percussion and slamming guitars are a close favourite of mine, I can’t go past vocalist Peter Harvey’s efforts. The range displayed in his performance has me on board. For fans of Northlane’s vocalist Marcus Bridge, “Sinner” is for you. The track clocks in closer to four minutes but I can swear it is easily under half of that. Once the first chorus hits, it doesn’t feel like long until I’m hearing the song’s opening melody again.

“Sinner”‘s accompanying video features some wonderful aesthetics including expressive dance. The visuals really add to the track’s emotion; with aggressive camera movements and flashes of red. While some of the video’s imagery is lost on me, I can’t help but respect the work of Colin Jeffs; an industry mainstay. The use of reflection in puddles on a warehouse floor is by far my favourite feature throughout. Though I enjoyed the song on its lonesome, the video complements the track wholeheartedly.

“Sinner” is available on all platforms to stream along with their previous singles. The sight of standalone tracks makes me excited for a further collection. With a national tour planned for September alongside Awaken I Am and I The Mighty, I dare say we will be hearing from Homefront again soon.

Watch “Sinner” via YouTube below:


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