Hellions – Furrow (New Music)

New music from Hellions is how every day should begin! With only a teaser of a clip on social media yesterday, the Sydney four piece of Dre Faivre, Matthew Gravolin, Josh Campiao, and Anthony Caruso are today officially gracing our ears with “Furrow”. The new track is the second piece of new music from the band in recent times, following on from “X (Mwah)”.

Is it just me or is ‘furrow’ one of those words that you kind of know but need reminding of what it means? I immediately think of ‘furrowed brow’ when thinking or worrying. Hellions’ poetic lyricism seems to reinforce the idea, speaking of facial expressions and aging and offering insight into dealing with the complexities of a relationship and self-identity.

As co-writer of “Furrow”,  Anthony explains that the track centres around self-worth, self-perception, and navigating our personal happiness within a relationship. He says “”Furrow” speaks of real, personal experiences in dealing with the mental processes of learning to accept, understand, forgive and above all, love someone in a relationship, where clashing values and morals are constantly challenging not only commitment to another person, but our own happiness. The outside world has profound influence on how we perceive ourselves; our self-worth. How this effects the state of being in love with one another can be so powerful, it can prove to be some of our greatest challenges throughout life.”

“Am I enough as I am?”

Beginning sweeter and softer than previous Hellions punchiness courtesy of harmonies and gentle guitar, “Furrow” feels like a desire to speak openly with another. In this interaction, the frustration grows and the gritty vocals reflect that desire to be heard. The beautiful heart-swelling chorus is tender honesty, even if it’s hard for the other to hear.

The song rhythm and structure of “Furrow” is easy and feels like a free fall into honesty, come what may, with the verses matter-of-factly expressing admissions of inadequacy, and question marks of worthiness. Bolstered by dense layers, the bridge powerfully takes us into a whole other world painted with self-doubt, sharing a moving plea for the other to give up on them and free themselves. As with all Hellions songs, it seems that “Furrow” will provide more gifts with repeat listens (and poring over the lyrics).

The beautiful track was recorded in Thailand with the band’s longtime producer Shane Edwards, and has me wonder what else might be in store for us from the Hellions crew, given the abrupt ending of the track and the uniqueness of the two new singles so far. The artwork for “Furrow” features an upside down/fallen yellow tulip, which Anthony explains, saying “The fallen tulip in the artwork is an acknowledgment to the struggle and loneliness we can feel in fighting our own battles of self-perception, while being able to realise someone else’s.”

Check out “Furrow” below via YouTube. You can also find the beauty on our Spotify playlist HERE.


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