Headstrong – Detached (New Music)

With an undercurrent of uneasiness, Headstrong‘s newest single – “Detached” – takes us into the world of hibernation. A restless mind chases after the impossibility of sleep, finding themselves out of sync with the world and leaving absence in their usual place.

The tense and driving song follows the thread of thought of a lost and preoccupied mind, seeing their progressive detachment from life as they knew it and wondering at what point it’ll have their remaining relationships die. “Detached” features Above, Below vocalist Jacob Wilkes, who adds to the feelings of frustration at seeing the damage the protagonist is doing to their life.

“I’ve grown so tired of running away”

As I’ve appreciated with past Headstrong songs, “Detached” has a maturity in terms of song structure, going beyond what you’d expect from bands of a similar genre. Flowing into a mood of contemplation and gentle introspection, “Detached” then swells into an emotional spill and surrender.

It’s a pleasure to sink into the emotive experience with the band, with “Detached” leaving a ‘I don’t know what to do?’ aftertaste, where giving over to slumber seems like a natural choice. Watch “Detached” below and see what you think:


Kel Burch

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