Greyscale Records Musicians Share Their 2018 Album Of The Year

Greyscale Records have swiftly become a noteworthy force in Australian music. Greyscale’s ‘DIY attitude, major aspirations’ ethos applies the combined industry experience of co-owners Ash Hull and Joshua Merriel, and has attracted a strong collective of stellar bands. Musicians from the Greyscale ‘family’ have kindly shared their Album Of The Year with us!

Stuck Out

Name: Josh Walker

Role: Vocalist

Album Of The Year: BearingsBlue In The Dark

Josh says: “It’s not often a band can produce such a polished and mature sound on a debut album but this is exactly what Bearings have managed to achieve. Their songwriting definitely stands out amongst their peers and whilst the album isn’t particularly experimental or groundbreaking they still managed to walk away with a sound that’s unique to them. Ultimately, good songs make a good album and Bearings’ ability to create such a refined album without replicating or imitating other bands from their genre make them a stand out in my eyes.”

Stand Out Track: “Eyes Closed”


Diamond Construct

Name: Kynan Groundwater

Role: Vocalist

Album Of The Year: Silent PlanetWhen The End Began

Kynan says: “From the first single “Northern Fires” I was immediately hooked from the colossal riffing and amazing groovy hooks. The singles that followed didn’t quite live up to the standard of the first which I think is their best song to date. Though they still surprised me with adding breakdowns in when called for and blew me away with the soft track “In Absence”. Definitely the next metalcore band to watch coming out of North America.”


Alpha Wolf

Name: Scott Simpson

Role: Guitarist

Album Of The Year: The Story So FarProper Dose

Scott says: “I love following a bands progression from album to album, and I feel The Story So Far have perfected theirs with this album. It’s so far advanced from the scene they created with their debut album, and they continue to reinvent themselves with each album and it’s something I really look up to as a song writer. When you can hit play on an album and it takes you out of your own little world and puts you into theirs for a brief time its the ultimate goal.”

Stand Out Tracks: “Out Of It”, “Proper Dose”.


Justice For The Damned

Name: Nick Adams

Role: Guitarist & Vocalist

Album Of The Year: Black Tongue – Nadir

Nick says: “Nadir has got to be one of the most captivating albums I’ve heard in my adult life. It is a deep dive into just how dark and brooding Black Tongue were prepared to take their sound. The lyrics as well are outstanding and far more matured. The album feels less like a collection of songs and more like a work of art. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Stand Out Tracks: “The Cathedral”, “Contrapasso” and “Abuse Ritual”.


Name: Bobak Rafiee

Role: Vocalist

Album Of The Year: VeinErrorzone

As to why, Bobak says: “Listen and find out.”


Belle Haven

Name: David De La Hoz

Role: Vocalist

Album Of The Year: Panic! At The DiscoPray For The Wicked

David says: “From the moment I heard the track “High Hopes” I haven’t been able to stop singing it. It’s the first song I want to play as soon as I sit in front of a piano. Not to mention I pretty much can’t NOT cry when I’m listening to “Dying In LA”. Honestly, this is one of my favourite albums of all time, not just 2018.”



Name: Kyle Burrows

Role: Vocalist & guitarist

Album Of The Year: Thom YorkeSuspiria (Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film)

Kyle says: “Never have I ever been so obsessed with a soundtrack but Thom Yorke’s score for the film Suspiria completely blew me away with it’s overwhelmingly melancholy atmosphere. The stand out tracks have to be “Suspirium” and “Unmade”, two songs that put me in such a beautiful place. Thom’s vocals and songwriting is a constant inspiration and this soundtrack/album became my favourite of the year from my first initial listening.”


Name: Kylan Ridings

Role: Drummer

Album Of The Year: Boston ManorWelcome to the Neighbourhood

Kylan says: “This album is the first album in a very long time I can put on and listen to the whole way through without getting bored. Each song’s lyrics are super relatable and deep, whilst the music simply makes them hit you even harder. Stand out tracks are “Hate You”, “Stick Up” and “Funeral Party”. The albums singles are absolute bangers and the whole album just follows them up even more. Amazing record.”


The Comfort

Name: Marcus Parente

Role: Guitarist

Album Of The Year: Holy FawnDeath Spells

Marcus says: “I didn’t really know what to expect when I first put this album on, but what I got hit with was a barrage of emotions. The music ranges from hauntingly beautiful, to heavy and chaotic. It is filled with so much diversity (not to mention tasty guitar effects) that I constantly find myself diving back in for another listen.”

Stand Out Tracks: “Arrows”, “Seer” (“I think this might honestly be my favourite track from 2018”)



Name: Tynan Reibelt

Role: Guitarist and vocalist

Album Of The Year: A Perfect CircleEat the Elephant

Tynan says: “This album is moving further away from lead singer Maynard Keenan’s other band Tool. Both were great in their own right but quite similar in style. I’m really liking the new sound and its cool that they’re showing a different colour. It makes me excited to hear what comes next.”

Stand Out Tracks: “Tracks like “So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish” and “Delicious” show a much more uplifting and softer side to their sound. Stand out tracks would have to be “By And Down The River” for the vocal melodies and “Hourglass” for the haunting piano in the outro of the song.”


What is YOUR 2018 Album Of The Year? If you haven’t yet, vote here:

[Images courtesy of Liam Davidson, Albert Lamontagne, Rowan Donohue, Ethan Zahorodnyj, and Brooke Harley]
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