Grenade Jumper – Gazed (New Music)

Whilst new to the field, it would appear that Grenade Jumper have been swinging at the plate for some time now. The Sydney pop-punk four-piece have come forth with their sophomore single, “Gazed”. The track is a follow up to their debut, “Get Ahead”, an introductory release from November 2018. Going between the two songs, the advancement in production quality is immediately evident; showing just how much a band can grow within a few months. “Gazed” is rich, sharp and overall a very full-sounding contribution to the pop-punk scene in Australia.

Vocalist, Bianca Davino’s smooth melodies are one of the track’s many highlights; giving the song a nice shiny coat of paint. With instrumentation similar to that of bands like State Champs and more recent New Found Glory, it’s easy to overlook the gut-punches delivered lyrically. The emotional tone and weight hidden behind those instruments are what stands out for me with Grenade Jumper.

I’ve always been a fan of the beautifully-tragic words within The Wonder Years’ songs, but on occasion I find them a tad dramatic. Grenade Jumper takes similar stimuli and casts a more hopeful eye upon it. Rather than wallow in the melancholic feeling of life slipping away, we are treated to suggestions like “It’s time to leave, reframe the scene, it’s time to go now.” Yes, it’s hard to let go of things in life, but it’s an opportunity to grow and reframe your scene. It’s a sentiment perfectly put, and so damn catchy too.

I look forward to seeing what kind of sounds Grenade Jumper come out with in the future. As a band, they seem to draw inspiration from some fantastic places and cast an engaging perspective on familiar situations. For now, it’s time to enjoy some authentic pop-punk and reflect on the outlook we have with life.

Jack Walsh

A fan of music and an even bigger fan of his opinions, Jack Walsh is a resident content creator of Depth Magazine. He is currently studying a Creative Writing degree and hopes to someday be writing for Rolling Stone. [Enjoyed the read? Shout Jack a beer.]

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