Green Day – Still Breathing (Track Of The Day, 25th April)

Today’s Track Of The Day is inspiration to keep going. Green Day shared their intention to write something for people of all walks of life, and in “Still Breathing” they speak for all of us going through our unique challenges – together.

“Still Breathing” is the seventh track on Green Day’s Revolution Radio album (released October 2016). About the track, Billie Joe Armstrong shared:

It’s about losing something…where the chaos of life makes sense. Life isn’t perfect, it’s better than that. If you can survive through some of this stuff, you find out who you really are, whether its drug addiction, losing a family member or dealing with somebody who has some serious personality issues. It goes from the life of a junkie and a gambler to the life of a single mother to the life of a soldier… how we’re all intertwined with that…its universal.”

“‘Cause I’m still breathing
‘Cause I’m still breathing on my own
My head’s above the rain and roses
Making my way away
My way to you”

“Still Breathing” has the high impact punk sound we’re used to from Green Day in the choruses, but also creates a vibe of tenderness and hope in each verse. This has the song feel like a reaching out and reassurance to anyone facing struggle and reminding them they are getting there, getting by, have made it through difficulty, and are still alive. This has the feel of doing what Billie Joe shared as his intention: To make people happy and create a difference with this song.

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Photo credit: Frank Maddocks

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