GOSH – Say Another Thing (New Music)

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for GOSH, but they’re standing tall with their new single “Say Another Thing”. Coming fresh off of winning Triple J Unearthed’s Yours & Owls 2018 competition, to just now completing their Australian east coast tour, GOSH are smoking through the Australian music scene with their bumpy tunes and catchy lyrics. Receiving quite a bit of praise from their April release, “Never Lose You”, the Wollongong indie rock four piece are proud to present their latest effort “Say Another Thing”.

Accompanied by an artistically charming music video, which is shot beautifully for the record, the song has a lot to say. It’s hard to digest at times, mainly because I continuously lose myself to the melodies, but it is definitely a statement from GOSH. The artwork and video’s black and white aesthetic is quite literally the polar opposite of their previous purple-dominant look. To me personally, the video paints those restrained and silenced as pure with the usage of white, while those who wish to sing out and cry are dressed in the eye-catching blacks. Only the band truly know but the messages this track is sending off are crazy.

“I hope I go before you”

The raw and rich vocals are equal parts pleading, rebellious and ever-so-melodic. Vocalist, Zachary Gervaise has pulled out a fantastic performance on this track, and I’m sure will be a voice finding a more permanent place on Australian radio soon. A performance unlike any of their previous bouts, GOSH have tuned every instrument up a notch with “Say Another Thing”. Everything within the song is packing a punch and that’s the kind of emotion that isn’t just waiting around every musical corner. The track’s influence is hard to pinpoint but what I can say is “Say Another Thing” reminds me of a love letter to bands like Gang of Youths and Arctic Monkeys. A beautiful combination to say the least.

It’s a thrill to see quite a small catalogue from GOSH as that means everything is geared toward the future. With “Never Lose You” only being a few months old, it’s incredibly plausible that we may have a collected release coming very soon. Keep your ears and eyes open, and gosh, don’t skip out on GOSH.


Jack Walsh

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