Goodfella – Write It Off (New Music)

Oklahoma based pop punks Goodfella have shared a trifecta of good news: Signing to Penultimate Records, an EP on the way, and the release of an impressive new single. Forming in 2014, the yet-to-be-named EP is said to be the band’s best material to date. If freshly released “Write It Off” is anything to go by, we’re very keen to hear it.

“Write It Off” is the first fresh release from the band since their 2016 album Don’t Blink. Having spent time sharing their music live since then, the four piece of Jason Coffelt (vocals), Mike Cambiano (guitar & vocals), Jake Ford (bass & vocals), and Andrew Lindroth (drums), worked with Seth Henderson (Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, Set It Off) to record the upcoming EP, with Nick Casasanto of Knuckle Puck co-producing.

With “Write It Off”, Goodfella pack a punch from the very beginning, courtesy of driving beats and full blown, wide open, vocals from Jason Coffelt. This full-on open draws the listener in from the start, and the teamwork via vocals with Mike Cambiano is captivating, as is a drop into a spacious bass-oriented section at the second verse.

“I know that giving up isn’t getting over it”

Music that you can predict is no fun at all, so I’m all for these twists and turns courtesy of the different voices of Goodfella bringing their individual best and bouncing off one another, all the while steadily sharing a story of relationship frustration. Jake Ford’s rawer voice and a steady build-up courtesy of Andrew Lindroth works very well to powerfully hit a point home: There’s nothing left to say and nothing left to gain in this relationship, so write it off.

With a gentle final heartfelt plea, Goodfella leave a lasting impression with their meaningful and creatively interesting brand of pop punk. Bring on that EP, hey? Check out the music video for “Write It Off” below. You can also keep up with the band on Facebook here:


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