Future Static – Choke (New Music)

Future Static are trying to kick their inner demons to the kerb with new single “Choke”. Having a quieter 2019, they seem to be taking matters in their own hands and making minced meat of the things that hold them back.

From the start, “Choke”‘s buzzy riffs and pepped up pace ooze overwhelm, with noisy swarms of “What if?”s flying around. Vocalist Bri Marsh calls for understanding; wondering why challenges follow close behind and corrupt things.

The drums offer up a sense of ultimatum, with a now or never push to do something. Bri seems to be coming to terms with the fact that the past can’t be changed, and yet in the more open chorus is still some reflection upon that past.

The line “I’m lighting fires just to choke on the smoke” sums up self-sabotage well, and comes with a sweet kind of double meaning when it comes to “choking” and not following something through to success. There’s also a nice tie-in to the theme of fire with the sepia glow from lighting in the music video, created by Ariel Johnson.

Faster of pace and tumbling in a bass-rich and percussion-focused moment of doubt, the second verse shares a metaphorical stocktake of fuck ups. A guitar solo dances as Bri wonders what will satisfy or remedy this apparent curse she’s under, given that history hasn’t armed her with much faith or evidence to lean into.

“I need to make it stop”

Drifting off in thought with a long-held note momentarily, “Choke”‘s bridge satisfyingly pulls focus. Its instrumental climb and vocal soul-searching tug at the heartstrings, where push has come to shove and it’s a bit like “Surely there’s something more than this?”.

The arrival of guitar badassery and general whole band badassery is the satisfying ‘more’, in the song at least, forming an amped up oomph of change. It’s all a bit “fuck yeah!” to hear this go down and incredibly satisfying in contrast to being stuck.

I was initially bummed by the return to the chorus and again being stuck in digging in the past instead of kicking ass, but I figured that this was pretty fitting for self-sabotage and returning to the same old patterns. However I look forward for more Future Static badassery. Let it off the leash, guys!

Check out “Choke” via YouTube below.

[Image courtesy of Liam Davidson]
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