Flowermouth – Gown (New Music)

Perth alternative rockers Flowermouth have followed on from “Serotonin”, and released new track “Gown”. The track comes along with a ‘homely’ music video directed by Ashley Walton.

Flowermouth continue their knack for upbeat sounding songs with emotional lyrics in “Gown”. They also seem to be continuing the same thread of wondering what’s going on in a relationship and seeking answers.

The warm-feeling track seems to be a call out into the void for someone they care for to not give up on them and come back and reassure them. Whether they’re talking to a lover or friend, the ever-fluid sound envelopes a feeling of hope that seems to be fading.

“Hold on, we could make it
You just have to change your heart again”

We’re digging the self-encouraging vibes and the refreshing upward shifts of sound that happen both at and within the choruses. The catchy feel and harmonies make us almost forget that we’re stuck in limbo with Flowermouth as they want to know if they’ll be ‘stuck here forever’ or not. Guitar shredding on the floor is a nice touch.

Check out “Gown” via YouTube below. We’ve also added it to our Spotify playlist right HERE. Perth friends can also attend the single launch party for “Gown”, with details on that below.


Kel Burch

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