Fire Red Empress – Under The Barren Light (New Music)

From gentle and unassuming beginnings, “Under The Barren Light” will drag you into heavy rock territory. Featuring Jen Diehl (vocals), Carl Gethin (guitar), Paul Gethin, Ben Picken (bass), and Luke Middleton (drums), Fire Red Empress have recently released their debut album Black Morphine via Polaian Records/The Orchard. “Under The Barren Light” is the second single from the album, with “Dead Nature” being the first.

Straight up honesty, I listen to a lot of music. And with an overflowing inbox of new music, I have to make swift judgements that don’t involve listening to the entire track. With “Under The Barren Light”, I’m glad I got curious enough to listen beyond 1:10, where this light tenderness morphs into a gutsy rock beast.

“Dressed in white under the barren light..”

Huge riffs and vocal massiveness are immediately drawing, and the choruses just blow it out even wider. The music video has Jen Diehl sharing the song while walking along a beach at low tide. The scene is perfect for the ‘bigness’ of sound, and complements the ‘I need to move with this’ vibe.

“Under The Barren Light” is enthralling and huge, an impressive inspiration to soak up all of Black Morphine. Watch the music video below. We’ve also added the track to our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


Kel Burch

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